1. Sign up and create a listing to guide or coach an activity in your area

Don’t forget to add a profile picture as well as a picture of you doing what you love. You can also include a bit about how long you have been practicing your activity and what skills and tips you are best suited to give.

You can also include and certifications you have acquired and a tip expectation so our users know what to expect.

2. Connect with prospective learners to give them tips

You will get a message through the platform letting you know that someone has enquired about connecting with you. Be sure to give clear directions when organising a meeting time and place.

When you meet be sure to be courteous and engaging to help our users get the most out of the experience (and hopefully increase the size of your tip!).

3. Receive feedback and a tip for coaching others to do what you love!

Hopefully all went well and you’ve imparted some knowledge! We will prompt the user for a review and the tip will be sent to your designated payment account. We take a small 15% commission on every tip to keep the business running.

The more reviews and the better your star rating the more users you will connect with and the higher the tips.

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