1. Select your hobby and look for available experts in your area

You can review our experts to see who is best suited to help you. Be sure to check the experts availability, tip expectation, previous reviews and star rating.

Once you’ve found an expert, use the calendar and click “book now”. An email will be sent and the expert will be in touch to confirm the booking.

2. Connect with your guide or an expert

Once you’ve chosen an expert, they will be in touch to organise a meeting place at your activity location. Meet them there at the specified time to get the all the tips they can offer! The expert’s tips are designed to be flexible so make sure you let them know your skill level and what you are looking for help on!

3. Review our experts and leave a tip!

Once you’ve received tips from the expert, be sure to jump on Gettips.com.au to leave to review and leave a tip. This help improve local experts and keeps them supporting the community and sharing their skills. Gettips.com.au will send a an email to help you complete the process.

*Note – to support the process Gettips.com.au will pre-authorise your payment method to the amount stipulated in the local experts ‘tip expectation’. After the session you can increase or decrease this amount based on your satisfaction with the session.

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